Police Fires Life Bullets At CAN Protesters In Yola


Will Nigeria Survive this level of harsh attack on the citizens’ Civil Liberty and Rights to Freedom of expression as witnessed in the country today? | Daily Correspondence

Many wounded as Police opens fire of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) protesters against Fulani-herdsmen killings in Yola

Armed policemen have clashed with protesters in Yola, capital of Adamawa State, leaving scores injured.

The violence erupted when policemen tried to prevent a peaceful procession organised by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) from reaching strategic parts of the city.

CAN said it organised the protest to register its displeasure with killer herdsmen who have attacked over 43 communities mainly inhabited by Christians in the state.

At a point, the Police resorted to firing live bullets as the people remained defiant.

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  1. Comment:Oh God, let your judgement descend speedily on the wicked. Please President Buhari, order the IGP to stop this injustice being meted on Christians!

  2. The fact is that, it is time for Nigerian to ask buhari why his he supporting Fulani herdsmen killing, just look at imn that did not carry weapons, buhari declared them as terrorism, then living Fulani herdsmen to been killing people, anyway the polices are making mistake for those things they are doing, shouting live armunation to on arm civilians, it is you people that vote buhari, so you people should bear with buhari.

  3. It’s unfortunate that the CAN principal official are busy making money instead of defending the flocks or giving a command for retaliation


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