Farmer Proposes To Girlfriend Placing Engagement Ring On A Cow’s Breast


Somewhere in the world, a farmer has gone viral after he reportedly proposed to his girlfriend by putting an engagement ring on a cow’s udder – but the romantic gesture has been labelled ‘creepy’ by some.
A photo of the ‘magical moment’ has been shared by a woman from Singapore on the prolific Facebook group, That’s it I’m Ring Shaming.
It has been inundated with comments from confused and shocked social media users – some also repulsed.
One mocked: “This is UDDERLY terrible. Sorry had to go for it. But really this is gross.
“The ring is a mess of clusters and the band is too thick. Like the person thought how can I made this ring bigger without spending any more money.”
The picture shows the whopper of a rock sparkling around the cow’s udder.
The original poster commented: “Shaming the ring and the whole photoshoot.
“The person is a farmer. Still doesn’t excuse his bad taste. And is this considered a nipple ring? Also, the band is thicker than the center stone.
“If my eyeballs are forced to suffer through this nonsense I’m dragging everyone down with me.”
One replied: “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life ever and I’ve watched friends six times.”
Another added: “He’s really trying to milk the proposal.”

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